Biographyby John BushMutha's Day Out's heavy rock and rap st

Biographyby John Bush

Mutha's Day Out's heavy rock and rap style belies the bandmembers' youth in smalltown, Arkansas. Sick of life in Batesville, a city with a population of 9,000, Mikal Moore (vocals), Brice Stephens (raps), Chuck Schaaf (guitar), Jeff Mogan (bass) and Rodney Moffit (drums) formed Mutha's Day Out in late 1991. They traveled to Memphis in April 1992 to find a cheap recording studio; through an enthusiastic engineer, the band was booked to play the Crossroads Music Festival that same week. A Chrysalis A&R rep, there to watch another band, saw Mutha's Day Out and signed them instead. Their debut, My Soul Is Wet, appeared in 1993.

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